Waste Collection

Currently, the Township does not hold a contract with a specific company for waste disposal services. It is the responsibility of all residents to contact and contract these services individually. Contact your provider for information on their collection days and recycling policies. Below are a few waste haulers in our area:

 Vogel Disposal Morrow Refuse Inc. Waste Management
Adamik Richard S Trucking Joseph J. Bruner Inc.  



Recycling is highly encouraged in Clinton Township. Free recycling bins are available at the Township building during office hours. Below are a series of helpful guides from the Butler County Department of Recycling & Waste Management:


Hard to Recycle Guide 2017

Residential Recycling in Butler County

Small Business Recycling in Butler County

Recycling Information for Kids in Butler County

Recycled Crafts for Kids

Dangers of Backyard Burning

Backyard Composting

Vermicomposting (Composting with Worms)

Household Hazardous Waste

Help Stop Illegal Dumping of Trash in Butler County

Guide to a Litter-Free Butler County

Tips for Non-Toxic Household Cleaning

Non-Toxic Solutions for Pest Control in Livestock

Non-Toxic Solutions for Pest Control with Pets

Protecting Groundwater from Medical Waste

Getting Rid of Unused Medications

Rain Barrels

Rain Gardens

Using Less Gas

Home Safety for Seniors


For more recycling information please visit the Butler County Recycling and Waste Management webpage at: http://www.recyclebutler.us/