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Butler County has just received DEP collection permit approval to hold its 2023 Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics collection events for our county residents as follows:

  • April 1 at 150 Henricks Road, Butler (Center Township)
  • May 13 at 207 Ash Stop Road, Evans City (Forward Township)
  • July 15 at 191 Election House Road, Prospect (Franklin Township)
  • September 2 at 157 Airport Road, Butler (Penn Township)
  • November 11 at 690 Valencia Road, Mars (Adams Township)

Residents will be required to pre-register to attend these events and are scheduled for an approximate arrival time which helps to keep attendees from waiting in long lines. The Noble Environmental web site can be found here: https://nobleenviro.com/ or they can call 412-567-6566. At the top of the web page, click on “Ewaste and HHW Collections” to find the registration page and details about attending an event. Please note that only cards are accepted for payment. Cash and checks are not accepted.

Upcoming Meetings

Township meetings will be held at the Clinton Township Municipal Building located at 711 Saxonburg Boulevard, Saxonburg PA 16056 (unless otherwise noted) and are open to the public.

Friends of SVP Meetings will be held at the pavilion in Spring Valley Park weather permitting; otherwise they will be held at the Clinton Township Municipal Building.