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9Clinton Township Adopt-A-Road Program

The purpose of the Adopt-A-Road Program is to rid Township streets and recreational areas of litter and to improve our environment.

An Applicant agrees to conduct litter pickup a minimum of two times each year, or more if deemed necessary.

The Township will provide an initial safety orientation literature to the authorized representative, will provide safety materials such as safety vests and plastic trash bags and there will be notices placed on the roads stating “Litter Crew Ahead.”

After the successful initial two years, the Township will provide two permanent signs noting the program and the applicant name at the beginning and the end of the designated site.

If you or your organization is interested in participating in Clinton Township Adopt-A-Road Program, please contact the Roadmaster at 724-352-9015.

Mr. Brewer will go over the program details with you.

Click here for adopt-a-road program application.

Current Adopt-A-Road Participants

McKay Road | Double Springs Farm

Victory Road | Bayer 

Victory Road Business Park | Bayer

Kozy Corner | Bayer

Alderson Road | Bayer

Spring Valley Road | Bayer

Deer Creek Road from 228 to Saxonburg Boulevard | Penn Energy

Brewer from 228 to Albin and Albin to Westminster Road |Saxonburg Area Women’s Club

Knoch Road | Cub Scout Pack 51

Deer Creek Road from Saxonburg Boulevard to Love Road | Duncan Elk Farm

Tower Road | Joe and Robin Gall

Jack Road |

Westminster Road | Armstrong Farms

Ivywood Road |  

Monks Road | The Dillner Family

Sandy Hill Road | Clinton Church

Miller Road | Roy and Deanna Stang

Roads Currently Available for Adopt-A-Road

There are currently many opportunities for you or your organization to participate in the Adopt-A-Road Program! Please contact the Township Office for more information!