Clinton Township Ordinance Information

Please find below links to PDF files of the zoning ordinances and other ordinances for Clinton Township. To print these, open them up in your browser and use the print function of your browser. Hard copy of the zoning ordinance or the subdivsion ordinance is available at the Clinton Township office, during regular business hours.  The fee is $30.

Additional Clinton Township Ordinances and regulations will be included as they are enacted.

Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivison Ordinances were enacted on October 9, 2012 and became effective on October 15, 2012.  At this time, these revisions are not inserted into the zoning book or the SALDO book.  When they are it will be noted.   Now, please be sure to consider these amendments as you study the Ordinances.  Thank you.


ORD 2015-04 Oil and Gas Operations

Resolution 2014-01 Fee Schedule

ORD 2012-01 ORD amending certain sections of 2009-02 ORD, Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.

ORD 2012-02 ORD amending certain sections of 2009-01 ORD, Zoning

Ordinance 2009-01,  Zoning Ordinance enacted in November 2009

Zoning Map

Subdivision Ordinance 2009-02

2009-01 and 2009-02 Cover Page

Notification Policy

Ordinance 2011-01, Lighting Ordinace

Ordinance 2011-02, Park Regulations for Spring Valley Park

Ordinance 2011-05, Park Regulations for Spring Valley Park

Ordinance 2011-03 ORD, Clinton Township Stormwater Management Ordinance

Ordinances 2011-04 ORD and 2011-05 ORD renewed the agreements with Comcast Cable Company and Armstrong Cable.

Ordinance 2011-06 ORD, providing for the limited us of temporary holding tanks for the collection of sewage at oil and gas extraction sites

The Holding Tank Agreement required by Ordinance 2011-06 ORD

The Fee Schedule associated with Activities with Clinton Township

Compressor Stations Policy adopted March 12, 2013 by the Board of Supervisors