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Zoning Information

After determining that you will apply for a building permit, the appropriate forms must be picked up at the municipal office and filled out with the relevant information.  If you have any questions about the forms, call 724-352-9000 and ask the secretary for help.

Clinton Township Zoning Map

Building Information Needed for a Permit

  1. Owner Information
    1. Name
    2. Mailing address
    3. Property address (if different from mailing address)
    4. Phone number
  2. Cost of construction of structure 
  3. Mobile home serial number (if applicable)
  4. SEWAGE PERMIT issued by the Sewage Enforcement Officer or notice that tap-in fee has been paid to Saxonburg Area Authority  MUST be shown.
  5. Size of structure (length X width for residential; square footage for industrial/commercial)
  6. Building setback distance from property lines must be listed; Check Zoning Ordinance for all relevant information
  7.  A site (plot) plan of the property, location of proposed structure and existing structures and any relevant topographical features to be attached to permit application.
  8. A certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage if project is being done by a contractor or a notarized Affidavit of Exemption
  9.  Road Occupancy permits and Excess Maintenance Agreements will be issued by the Township, email the Township Secretary secretary@myclintontwp.net or call 724.352.9000.

Clinton Township follows Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code 

Procedures to Follow to Create a Subdivision

  1. Contact Sewage Enforcement Officer(SEO) to have proposed lots tested. (See Sewage Officer page) *  Secure Sewage Application form from Township Secretary. Cost is an amount determined by the SEO.
  2. Consult Township Zoning Ordinance for necessary information.
  3. Check with Zoning Officer as needed.
  4. Have surveyor survey and draw new lots in accordance with Clinton township ordinances. Please not that the Township MAY request topography lines on plans.
  5. If on a Township road apply for a Stormwater/Driveway Permit. If a State road, check with the State for a permit, necessary assurances. 724-2894-8800. Receive site address from Township Secretary, if possible. (Must know where the driveway will be located on the new lot(s)).
  6. Plan must be received at the Township Office ten (10) days before Planning Commission meeting day. ACCOMPANYING THE PLAN YOU SHOULD: Pay Subdivision Application Fee to Secretary, produce driveway permits. Have valid sewage sites located on drawing and submit perk test results if available. have the ‘build-able area’ of a lot showing on the plan.
  7. You or a representative must present the plan to the Clinton township Planning Commission for review and approval at a regular meeting (first Monday of the month.)
  8. You or a representative must present the plan to the Board of Supervisors at a regular meeting (second Monday of the month) for review and approval.
  9. Once your plan has been signed by the Clinton Township Planning Commission and the Clinton Township Supervisors you or a representative must present the plan to the Butler Planning Commission. They have strict guidelines for submission. 724-284-5300.
  10. Once approved you can have the plan recorded at the Butler Court House.
  11.  Secure building permits from Zoning Officer for construction of buildings. You must have a valid sewage PERMIT issued by the Sewage Enforcement Officer in order to secure a residential building permit. Labor and Industry approval must be shown for commercial/industrial construction.

Stormwater Management Ordinance

Stormwater Management Ordinance PDF

Contact The Zoning Officer

Please call the township office at (724) 352-9000 with any zoning questions.