Clinton-Buffalo Townships Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan

This is a project that Clinton Township has undertaken with its neighbor to the east, Buffalo Township. On this page, we will be adding maps, charts and text from the plan for viewing and downloading. Each of the following links is a portion or chapter of the proposed plan. To help understand what a multi-municipal Comprehensive Plan is, and what it does, the following may be helpful:
A Comprehensive Plan is not an Ordinance. It is an official document adopted by a municipality pursuant to the Pa. Municipalities Planning Code. Its minimum content must contain a survey of trends, community development goals and objectives, A Plan for Land Use, A Plan for Housing, A Plan for Community Facilities and Public Utilities, A Plan for the Conservation of Natural and Historic Resources, and a number of inter-relational statements. Once adopted, the Plan has several functions:
It will be the official document the two townships will rely upon to review the actions of another government entity (or itself) in determining the appropriateness of any action related to major infrastructure major construction or disposition of real property. For example, if a water or sewer authority were to make an extension, the Municipal Planning Commission would review the proposed action based upon whether that extension is generally consistent with this plan.
The Clinton-Buffalo Township multi-municipal Comprehensive Plan would be the document state agencies would rely upon in determining the consistency of grant applications or permitting decisions.
The Plan would be the evidence of the “planning philosophy behind an action” if a local land development or land use regulation is challenged, the Comprehensive Plan includes the factual basis that contributed to the development of the policy or regulation. Even controversial items can be more defensible if they are the product of a “well conceived plan.” Thus, the plan can ensure the success of the zoning and subdivision and land development ordinances.
If local officials pick priority projects from the plan and begin making them happen, the plan can really be a practical guide to future action.


Below are links to view or download each part of the Clinton-Buffalo Townships Multi-Municipal Comprehensive plan in PDF form.

We will be providing shortly the ability to download the entire plan in one file.