711 Saxonburg Blvd. | Saxonburg, PA 16056 Phone: 724-352-9000

Road Department

Department Employees:
Luke Brewer, Road Foreman
Garage phone: 724-352-9015


Department Responsibilities:
The Road Department is located in the Clinton Township Municipal Building. The crew maintains nearly 40 miles of township roads. Some of their responsibilities are road construction, storm sewer and drainage problems, winter snow and ice removal and erecting traffic signs.
The Road Department can be contacted directly by calling

Road Department Advisory


Residents should know that it is a violation of State law to create a hazard on a public roadway. For instance blowing fall leaves onto the roads creates a slippery surface that is a safety hazard. Plowing snow on or across the roadway also increases the dangers already present with a snowy, icy roadway.