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Sewage Enforcement

Sewage Enforcement Officer – SEO:

David Ice


The SEO is responsible for the testing, approval and enforcement of various Department of Environmental Protection regulations. Please contact the SEO with any questions regarding testing, repairs or new installation procedures.

Instructions for Sewage Applications

Step 1: Obtain an application from the Township Secretary.
Step 2:  After you have a meeting date set with the Sewage Enforcement Officer, call Pennsylvania ONECALL at 1-800-242-1776.

Explain where you plan to dig. PA ONECALL will give you a confirmation number, which you need to keep. This number will be needed later. PA ONECALL will “flag” any pipelines or underground cables in the area. This is to ensure that the underground lines are not disturbed while digging.

Step 3: Once you have a confirmation number, contact an excavator or a contractor with a backhoe. (This expense is an addition to any permitting fees.)
Step 4:  Contact , the sewage enforcement officer (SEO).
Step 5: The SEO will set a date when everyone can meet at the site to do the site soil investigation (Pit Test.) Four (4) pits maximum.
Step 6: Using the guidelines of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Mr. will examine the different soil layers and inform you:

  • If the ground is suitable for any type of septic system.
  • If it is suitable, what type of system can be installed: “conventional” or “elevated sand mound.”
  • Keep in mind, if any sites are “marginal”, a second application will be necessary. (the Cost is $80 for a replacement site.)

Step 7: The SEO will give you a diagram of where and how deep to dig for the “perc” test.
Step 8: After the perc test, the SEO will give you an “Appendix A” which will give your system designer the information they will need to design your system.
Step 9: You will need to mail the SEO two (2) copies of your design. The SEO will review the design to confirm that it complies with all regulations, and that the surveyor has completed all subdivision procedures. upon the completion of the above, The SEO will issue your septic PERMIT which you will need to obtain a building permit.
Step 10: When the system is complete, but BEFORE it is covered, call the SEO for a final inspection.

Instructions for holding tanks for the collection of sewage at oil and gas extraction sites

Step 1: View the Holding Tank Ordinance,  ORD 2011-06
Step 2: Secure the Holding Tank Agreement
Step 3: View the Escrow Resolution
Step 4: View the Fee Schedule, specifically #10