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Zoning Information

After determining that you will apply for a building permit, the appropriate forms must be picked up at the municipal office and filled out with the relevant information.  If you have any questions about the forms, call 724-352-9000 and ask the Township Director for assistance.


Building Information Needed for a Permit

  • Owner Information
    •  Name
    • Mailing address
    • Property address (if different from mailing address)
    • Phone number
  • Cost of construction of structure 
  • Mobile home serial number (if applicable)
  • SEWAGE PERMIT issued by the Sewage Enforcement Officer or notice that tap-in fee has been paid to Saxonburg Area Authority  MUST be shown.
  • Size of structure (length X width for residential; square footage for industrial/commercial)
  • Building setback distance from property lines must be listed; Check Zoning Ordinance for all relevant information
  •  A site (plot) plan of the property, location of proposed structure and existing structures and any relevant topographical features to be attached to permit application.
  • A certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage if project is being done by a contractor or a notarized Affidavit of Exemption
  •  Road Occupancy permits and Excess Maintenance Agreements will be issued by the Township, email the Township Manager at [email protected] or call 724.352.9000.

Clinton Township follows Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code 

Procedures to Follow to Create a Subdivision

  • Contact Sewage Enforcement Officer(SEO) to have proposed lots tested. (See Sewage Officer page) *  Secure Sewage Application form from Township Secretary. Cost is an amount determined by the SEO.
  • Consult Township Zoning Ordinance for necessary information.
  • Check with Zoning Officer as needed.
  • Have surveyor survey and draw new lots in accordance with Clinton township ordinances. Please not that the Township MAY request topography lines on plans.
  • If on a Township road apply for a Stormwater/Driveway Permit. If a State road, check with the State for a permit, necessary assurances.  Receive site address from Township Manager, if possible. (Must know where the driveway will be located on the new lot(s)).
  • Plan must be received at the Township Office ten (28) days before Planning Commission meeting day. ACCOMPANYING THE PLAN YOU SHOULD: Pay Subdivision Application Fee to Township Director,  produce driveway permits. Have valid sewage sites located on drawing and submit perk test results if available. have the ‘build-able area’ of a lot showing on the plan.
  • You or a representative must present the plan to the Clinton township Planning Commission for review and approval at a regular meeting (first Monday of the month.)
  • You or a representative must present the plan to the Board of Supervisors at a regular meeting (second Monday of the month) for review and approval.
  • Once your plan has been signed by the Clinton Township Planning Commission and the Clinton Township Supervisors you or a representative must present the plan to the Butler Planning Commission. They have strict guidelines for submission. 724-284-5300.
  • Once approved you can have the plan recorded at the Butler Court House.
  •  Secure building permits from Zoning Officer for construction of buildings. You must have a valid sewage PERMIT issued by the Sewage Enforcement Officer in order to secure a residential building permit. Labor and Industry approval must be shown for commercial/industrial construction.

Stormwater Management Ordinance

Stormwater Management Ordinance PDF

Contact The Zoning Office

Please call the township office at (724) 352-9000 with any zoning questions.