711 Saxonburg Blvd. | Saxonburg, PA 16056 Phone: 724-352-9000

The Clinton Township Board of Supervisors (6 Year Term)

Kathy B. Allen, Chairperson

William Duncan, Vice Chairperson

Jason Davidek, Supervisor

Clinton Township Municipal Building
711 Saxonburg Blvd.
Saxonburg, PA 15056
Fax: 724-352-9011
Garage: 724-352-9015

Duties of the Board of Supervisors: The supervisors are the officials elected by you to govern Clinton Township.  They are responsible for carrying out rules and regulations mandated by the State and Federal Governments. It is their responsibility to see that development within the township is done in a manner that provides for the health and welfare of Clinton Township residents in the best possible way. One of the ways in which they do this is by maintaining the township roads. They also enact ordinances to establish zoning regulations, subdivision procedures, and storm water management protections.