Stormwater and Driveway Permits

Dear Fellow Township Residents:

            In the last few years our Township has experienced a large increase in both residential and commercial development.  In addition, a number of residents have chosen to carry out improvements to their properties.  Both of these facts indicate that we are in the midst of economic and population growth.  For this reason, the Board of Supervisors feels that it should take this opportunity to remind all of us that there are several existing local ordinances designed to manage this growth.  These ordinances require residents and others planning certain projects to obtain permits and submit documentation for the approval of the Township and other county and state authorities.  At the present time, the Township requires, among others, building permits, sewage permits, driveway permits, and stormwater management permits.  The purpose of this letter is to provide some important information on two of these existing ordinances.

Clinton Township Stormwater Management Ordinance (2011)

            This ordinance was approved by the Clinton Township Board of Supervisors in 2011 to implement the requirements set forth by the Butler County Stormwater Management Plan.  The county plan was developed in response to mandates originating at the federal and state governments.  The purpose of these regulations is to minimize the amount of stormwater run-off from private properties onto other properties and into public waterways.  The goal is to prevent excessive erosion and potential flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.  To accomplish this, the addition of any additional impervious surface (one in which rainfall cannot be easily absorbed) on a piece of property must be permitted and, if necessary, a stormwater management plan must be developed and submitted to the Township before the permit can be issued.

Simply put, the Township’s Stormwater Management Ordinance provides that improvements that add impervious surfaces (i.e. roof area, patios, sidewalks, and driveway), must be evaluated as to the need for a stormwater management plan.  Further, the ordinance requires that funds be submitted for escrow to defer any engineering review costs incurred by the Township if a formal stormwater management plan is mandated for the proposed project.  If the proposed project involves an additional impervious surface of:

0-2,500 sq. ft.        –  No stormwater management plan is required

2,500-5,000 sq. ft. –  Documentation of the additional impervious surface is to be filed with the Township

Over 5,000 sq. ft.  –   A formal stormwater management plan is required.  An escrow payment will be required before the proposed plan is reviewed by the Township Engineer. The payment will be in the amount of 110% of the full construction cost of the required controls in accordance with the Municipalities Planning Code

In addition, any costs in excess of the escrow amount which is the fee payable to the Township in reviewing your plan will be billed directly to the applicant by the Township.

Also, be aware that under current regulations the paving of an existing gravel driveway or other area with asphalt or concrete requires a permit under this ordinance and may require a stormwater plan under the guidelines explained above.  In addition, any activity that results in the disturbance of the existing ground surface may come under the jurisdiction of this ordinance and county/state regulations.  Please contact the Township’s Secretary Linda Harigan before you begin any activity that may involve earth movement or additional impervious surface.

Streets and Access Management Ordinance (2003)

This ordinance was enacted in 2003.  It establishes regulations and standards by which private property can access the public right-of-way containing our township-maintained roads.  Of particular importance to the general public is that part of the ordinance that relates to private driveways that connect to township roads.  Any property owner that wishes to construct a new driveway must apply for a “new driveway permit” at the Township office.  Those who wish to construct a temporary driveway to access a property from a township road must apply for a “temporary driveway permit” at the Township office.  The fees for these permits are set by the Board of Supervisors and are reviewed on a periodic basis. 

Those who wish to modify their existing driveway by paving or modifying it at its point of entrance into the public roadway must contact the Township office.  The reason for this requirement is that fact that these actions may require a stormwater management review and permit (see information on the Stormwater Ordinance above).  In addition, the area where the driveway meets the public right-of-way must be constructed to certain standards to prevent damage to Township road plows in the winter and to minimize the amount of water entering the public roadway.  Anyone who plans to construct a driveway or modify an existing one should contact the Township Roadmaster,  for guidance as to what may be needed before the project begins.

If you have any questions or concerns in regard to this information or any of the other Township ordinances, please contact the Township Office at (724)-352-9000.




Clinton Township Board of Supervisors

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